It’s Your Turn podcast episode 4: How Donald Trump & Daniel Illustrate Leadership Filtration Theory and the Left Hand of God

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Idea Watch

In our first segment, Idea Watch, Steve will share the easily overlooked key to understanding the book of Daniel, why missing it blinds us to God’s dealing with Israel in exile, and what all this has to do with the presidential election cycle here in the US.

Martin Luther said God governs the spiritual dimensions with His right hand through the church’s proclamation. He rules temporal affairs with His left hand through civil and earthly institutions, regardless of who’s in power.

Quick Reads

In our second segment, Quick Reads, Steve will introduce you to some of the best content from the Harvard Business Press book, Indispensable: When Leaders Really Matter, by Gutaum Mukunda, assistant professor at Harvard Business School.

Monthly Conversation

In our final segment of today’s program, the monthly conversation, we’ll share highlights from Steve’s interview with Gutaum Mukunda, about Leadership Filtration Theory and how it helps us think about leadership selection from the grassroots all the way to the presidency.