How many leadership conversations are in the Bible?

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One of the best ways to learn leadership is by observing other leaders using three simple questions:

  • Who is the leader?
  • Who are the followers?
  • What is the situation?

I decided to apply this simple approach to Biblical leaders. That led me to ask the question: How many leadership conversations are in the Bible? I couldn’t find an answer, so I decided to count them myself. That study project lasted almost three years.

I then used a force-ranking exercise to identify what I believe are the ten most important leadership conversations in the Bible. In my next book, I’ve documented my top ten list, along with some practical insights and timeless principles.

Limiting the book to the top ten leadership conversations forced me to leave out a lot of valuable information. So I decided to make my research available online in a searchable database. Imagine searching for Moses, and conflict, and getting a list of all the leadership conversations where Moses was the leader, and the situation involved conflict. Or perhaps all the leadership conversations where Paul was the leader, or all the leadership conversations in a specific book of the Bible. You get the picture.

So how many leadership conversations are in the Bible? Click on the tell me more button and watch the short video for the answer, along with information about how I’m making all this information, including the book, available for free.

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Steve Moore

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